Consider this an archive.

This blog is resting. These stories will stay put but nothing added to as I start veterinary college, play banjo, draw cartoons and mostly try to do something good each day for the beautiful wild world that is generous enough to have me.

Thank you very much for reading and for any great or small way you extend yourself for something other than personal gain,

Ened McNett

Winter 2018


We don’t blame the paper for being lined, We don’t blame the ink for doing the dirty work

All smells collide

sitting in a compost bucket Read the rest of this entry



Work def.

The result of force acting on a distance.

Everything is Not a Choice, Thank Gods

I find myself blessed to have a number of friends and a number of values and not so many friends who share my values. This is just fine most days of the week. I can be as Spain before the inquisition, enjoying a real peace among people who are really different from me. Occasionally something gets to me and I write a post like this.

One point of difference between me and many of my hip friends is the matter of choice. In particular my distaste for the predominant idea that we are, and aught to be free to make our own individual choice to our own individual benefit about every single thing from personal sized ice cream treats to whether or not to care for a dying relative. Read the rest of this entry


Circa 1954
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Working On It

The few years I have had the privilege to write this blog have been full of the kind of change that any astrologer worth their salt could expect from a person turning 27, then 28, then 29, then 30, then 31.

It has been a time of tremendous change for me, all kinds of uncomfortable transitions and such. Read the rest of this entry

The Pointer Sister

Making coffee, watching a thin stream of light from the belly button in the yurt reflect off of the stained French press.
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What the Morning Found

This morning found twins in the partially constructed barn. One was being licked diligently as she nosed the air towards a warm teet, the other was dead in the muck between Read the rest of this entry


We were on Bainbridge Island visiting the extended family of my sweetheart. We got there after dark, let ourselves in and found a frozen lasagna and a Murder She Wrote marathon.

In the morning the sun rose over a panorama of Seattle and far off mountains that seem covered in more snow then I have seen in several years.

I looked around the room we woke up in and Read the rest of this entry

La Familia

Juan Felipe Herrera is the national poet laureate. In the midst of the violence, isolation and terror that mark so many peoples days and thoughts and plans, Read the rest of this entry

The Front Porch Project Coloring Book Exists!

Oh yes it does.
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The Sea

Oblong Magazine has published my story today!


By Ened McNett

She had not worn pants since he had come down ill.

They were weekend clothes. Every Friday night the coolers were packed, the RV was clean, and she was changed out of the skirts she wore for him all week and into her camping slacks.

They went to the same campground every weekend. It was the one he liked best, tucked into the foothills of the Cascades, along a bubbling creek.

They never went to the sea. Not even before the RV, when the children were still young. He didn’t like the sea.

After changing into her pants she slowly folded the skirt she had removed. She tucked it gently into the very back of the bottom of her dresser drawer. She focused on his face. She focused on it like she had for fifty-two years. One week since that face left this world forever and she…

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Summer People

When every single one just wants a little tiny bit more then what I am offering… Read the rest of this entry

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