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What the Morning Found

This morning found twins in the partially constructed barn. One was being licked diligently as she nosed the air towards a warm teet, the other was dead in the muck between Read the rest of this entry


We were on Bainbridge Island visiting the extended family of my sweetheart. We got there after dark, let ourselves in and found a frozen lasagna and a Murder She Wrote marathon.

In the morning the sun rose over a panorama of Seattle and far off mountains that seem covered in more snow then I have seen in several years.

I looked around the room we woke up in and Read the rest of this entry

Chip Away

He is a collector, finder, gatherer, noticer.

Bright red, hard working, a little bit of spittle always in the corner

Read the rest of this entry

A Seat


“Why do you carry a chair around if you prefer to sit on the ground?” Read the rest of this entry

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