My Front Porch Project

My Front Porch Project

Recently I have moved out of Olympia,WA. Its a town that is not small enough for people to be forced through proximity into facing their difficulties with one another and not large enough for people to be regularly reminded that there are all sorts of different ways of being in the world.A handful of good people have managed to make great lives there, I will miss those people and take with me the inspiration to bloom where I am planted.

I moved into a 1957 travel trailer that was purchased from a backyard on 8th Ave, Olympia that was known as ex-girlfriend trailer park. This place was a collection of trailers acquired by our friends from past relationships.They were not selling our trailer but rather a two foot broom that lived inside it. For the price of the broom we received the trailer as a free gift.

My love and I re-finished the inside to be quite a palace. This palace is private and if you would like to see it you will simply need to visit. The outside we left as we found it, looking like Dolly Parton might have done her make-up there on the scene of 9-5. As we travel a zig-zag across the country collecting seeds and looking for the ground we will plant them in, I am gathering images of our new wide and wonderful front porch along with written glimpses of the tails that pass by. They can be found on the blog or at the links below.

All Blessings on your many farming roads,

Ened McNett June 5th,2015

UPDATE! There is now a coloring book of these photos and writings available at my etsy shop!!!



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