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The Front Porch Project Coloring Book Exists!

Oh yes it does.
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Deerest Isle Traveling Zine Library!

UPDATE! There is a new fantastic librarian! I moved away from my lovely Maine and am headed west to keep on doing things worth writing about and even better things I will never write about. So Claire has taken over and will be the one to contact with your queeries and donations! Her email is:

The zine library is up and running in Deer Isle Maine, thanks to the support and generosity of zine makers all over the country. Two months ago a call went out via the internet for zine contributions to stock a mobile library here in rural Maine. Packages began rolling in almost immediately. As a result the library has a beautiful, diverse collection of zines and a little stock to keep the collection rotating.

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Our Slots Are Hot

When I left home I was 14 years old. When I was 15 an arrangement was reached whereby my Dad would send 300 dollars of child support that was court ordered to my mom and then, most months, she would send it to me.

I moved into a room up on the eastside of Olympia at 16 after trying to secretly move to British Columbia. My secret mission was publicly foiled by Read the rest of this entry

Sweet Candy Distro

This awesome distro out of Olympia WA picked up I Know You Know My Heart Issue#1!!

Check it out!

Issue #1 is the featured item of the week at this stellar distro out of Portland Oregon! Check it out!

I Know You Know My Heart Zine!!!!!

I Know You Know My Heart Zine!!!!!

100_0534100_0531Hot off the copy machine! I Know You Know My Heart #1
hold it in your hands real live paper and ink!
featuring six stories from the blog, all the covers are one of a kind hand coloured, and theres a mini poster inside for your hard working heart!!!!
email or write  me if you want one!

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