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A Seat


“Why do you carry a chair around if you prefer to sit on the ground?” Read the rest of this entry

Funny, No One Offered to Make Invitations

I couldn’t understand why people weren’t excited for me.  Read the rest of this entry

We’re Just Like You, You Know?


They came in buzzing. There were only 3 of them but it felt like a herd or more accurately, a swarm. Read the rest of this entry


images-1The flash across the water was how I knew for sure that I wasn’t wrestling with underwater shrubbery. Read the rest of this entry

Peanut Butter and Jelly

All she wants to eat is peanut butter.

I’m trying to figure out breakfast on my ten minutes off the line of a busy french bakery. Peanut butter.

I’m trying to participate in an adult discussion about pizza toppings. Peanut butter.

I’m crying alone in my bed at night, feeling like everything is caving in and I am never going to be any use to myself or anyone else…

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The Untimely Death of Mileva Or Some Things Cannot be Avoided

Pre-Vet. Post-Punk. Working hard and taking names.

Poor Mileva.

She had been run down, in the street near the school that she had been wandering around for her entire life. Though one family fed her, all the children at that elementary school loved her. They chased her and pet her and each one knew beyond doubt that they were her actual favorite kid. Though Milevas’ social influence was far reaching, I had surprisingly never heard of her until the day of her untimely demise.

It was my first day working for a new family. Two lawyers who were raising their kids a few blocks from the fated school. I had been to the house once before for a brief interview. Today was two weeks later and I stood waiting for the youngest to come crashing out of the double doors at the end of the hallway that led to his classroom.

It was his birthday. Ty was…

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The Flamingo Covered Mirror

Pre-Vet. Post-Punk. Working hard and taking names.


      The house was much cleaner that it had been in recent years. My Dad had found a good deal of time for vacuuming and stacking since his most recent wife had run off to pursue the empty promise of an 18 dollar an hour paycheck in the deep south. The dogs were down to two and he was debating selling his truck.

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