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Wow! I was remembering that as a one person country band I had cut a demo in my favorite dilapidated dancehall in deep west Olympia several years ago. I remember that at the time it ended up somewhere on the internet so today I searched for my band, “One Disaster Short of a Country Song” and I did not find the demo but I did find a bootleg I had no idea existed… Read the rest of this entry

Pure Country

I had a funny little kids guitar. It was only a little kids guitar in this culture where we give little kids a lot of crap that doesn’t work very well. Other places kids get beautiful instruments, well built but tinnier.

Anyways I had a funny little guitar with thick plastic strings that could not have held a tune if it were a bucket covered in super glue. Read the rest of this entry

The Only Difference Between a Poet and a Bum is Something to Write With and On.

For those who are not familiar with the phrase ‘flying a sign’ it is a term used for making money by displaying yourself prominently with a cardboard sign expressing your need. They can be simple like ‘HUNGRY ANYTHING HELPS’ or more intricate like ‘FAMILY KIDNAPPED BY ALIENS SPARE CHANGE FOR ROCKET FUEL’. Read the rest of this entry

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