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Wow! I was remembering that as a one person country band I had cut a demo in my favorite dilapidated dancehall in deep west Olympia several years ago. I remember that at the time it ended up somewhere on the internet so today I searched for my band, “One Disaster Short of a Country Song” and I did not find the demo but I did find a bootleg I had no idea existed… Read the rest of this entry




Her name was Leslie. We were catholic schoolgirls. We hung out every moment we could. We stood by each other when we wore reindeer sweaters in the church choir. We stood in line together before for her first and my only confession. Read the rest of this entry

READ THIS BOOK Girls I’ve Run Away With by Rhiannon Argo


Two cars up from me on a train headed to California there are two teenage girls travelling alone. I saw them in Portland chain smoking down to the last millisecond of the stop. When the train started again I was in the throws of Rhiannon Argo’s “Girls I’ve Run Away With.”

In Salem I looked up from the last paragraph with tears in my eyes. Salem, which funny enough, Read the rest of this entry

Happy Birthday! Here is the whole novel!!!!

Hello and happy birthday, I am 29 years old today and would like to give each of you and your grown up friends a copy of this novel I wrote in November.Since I don’t know a lot of you yet and in one hour it won’t be a birthday present anymore, I am settling with giving you a link. Read the rest of this entry

Hot Blooded

I am glad I didn’t really know the details.

All I knew was that by some miracle I got to skip the first two periods of my 8th grade day and get picked up by the most beautiful girl in the world and go be in the Sleater-Kinneys’ first music video.
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I was 8 years old. I came home and told my older brother, my hero, my mentor, my beacon of freedom and wisdom that I was in love. I had fallen in love with a cute chubby kid in a sailors’ hat.

My brother was busy with many important things so I made my announcement louder. This was after all a very important thing. “ Ah-hem!” I was in love with a cute chubby kid in a sailors hat, my announcement rung the pictures on the living room wall. Read the rest of this entry

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