Deerest Isle Traveling Zine Library!

UPDATE! There is a new fantastic librarian! I moved away from my lovely Maine and am headed west to keep on doing things worth writing about and even better things I will never write about. So Claire has taken over and will be the one to contact with your queeries and donations! Her email is:

The zine library is up and running in Deer Isle Maine, thanks to the support and generosity of zine makers all over the country. Two months ago a call went out via the internet for zine contributions to stock a mobile library here in rural Maine. Packages began rolling in almost immediately. As a result the library has a beautiful, diverse collection of zines and a little stock to keep the collection rotating.


The library itself is built out of an antique box used right here for blueberry picking and an old ironing board that doubled as a table for the farmers market stand of the coffee roaster I work for.

The zines are stacked up in the box and a rotating featured zine is highlighted on an inserted rack. The rack is also home to the cigar box holding library cards for anyone and everyone. I letter pressed these cards with John at   A Revolutionary Press in Cape Rosier.

wpid-wp-1439563163413.jpeg wpid-wp-1439563070046.jpegwpid-wp-1439565227118.jpeg

The library is expected to have a high turnover rate. There is no actual accountability attached to the cards, they are just so folks know they are welcome. Some people will take them and return them, some will trade them for a different zine they made or own and some will just be taken. This is all explained in the rules, regulations and declarations pocket that may or may not ever be read by anyone but me, their author.




The library lives mostly at 44 North Coffee in Deer Isle. The shop is in the olde high school and the library lives in what used to be the bell tower next to the principals office.  It has also traveled to open mics and pizza mics at Tinder Hearth Bakery in Brooksville.

We plan to leave the area come the end of fishing season (November) at which point the library will be passed to some other local zine loving self proclaimed librarian and I will be building a new mobile collection in rural California…


Donations for this zine library are still gladly accepted. Please email Claire the amazing librarian at:

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  1. Hey Ened! This is Andrew. Love your blog! See you tomorrow night. :))


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